Adventus VST

Adventus VST 1.5

A trance techno music oriented softsynth plug-in

Adventus VST is a VTS plug-in program that provides easy to use presets for Lead, Pad, bass sound, techno and many other music compositions for professionals or beginners.

This tool has a built-in variety of musical supports when users are playing music or forming a composition. Adventus VST features a lot of options such as new phaser and ensemble fx, Phase Mod (instead of ring mod), X-knob, better chorus sound, Arpeggiator, etc.

This plug-in also uses little PC power so it maintains the power supply load. This product can also modify the resonance curve and increase or decrease the cut-off time.

This plug-in also features 6 Oscillators with Fat options, Portamento Controls, 6 Resonant Filters, Modulation with substantial routing options, over 500 high-quality preset instruments, Sounds, and Sound FX.